Pangkah Drilling Safety Performance

Pangkah Drilling Safety Performance


One year Pangkah Drilling Campaign achieved more than 500,000 worked manhours without any fatality, Lost Time Incident (LTI), even for First Aid Case incident and oil spill incident since the beginning of the campaign last year. Saka Indonesia Pangkah Limited (SIPL) drill the wells safely with PT COSL Indo using COSL HYSY 937 Offshore Jackup Rig, this excellent safety performance is one of key factors enable us to deliver most of the wells under budget with low Non Productive Time (NPT) to date.


Executing a daily drilling operation safely, in a dynamic drilling schedule, a complex operation and geology set up, and with language barrier is a quite achievement. The HSE Achievement Award “One Year Injury Free” celebrated in the COSL HYSY 937 Rig on the 13th of June 2016 was attended by both Top Managements from SIPL: Tumbur Parlindungan (General Manager), Indan Handono (Drilling Manager) and Estu Subagyo (HSE Manager) and from COSL: Deng Mingchuan (COSL Drilling General Manager), Chen Zongjiang (PT COSL Indo President Director) and Yang Dexing (COSL Drilling Country Manager).


The drilling campaign started on March 2015 to drill Sidayu-3 from the open water. The location shifted on Well Head Platform-B (WHP-B) from August 2015 until April 2016 to drill UPB-14, UPB-12 and Sidayu-4. The campaign continues running from the WHP-A location from April 2016 until first week of July 2016 for drilling and well completion on UPA-08X, UPA-WD1, UPA-02ST1 and UPA-01X. Challenging rig move to/from WHP-B and to/from WHP-A were done safely and efficiently, without interrupting SAKA’s oil and gas production, as SAKA’s platform and pipeline were kept alive during these challenging rig moves with good preparation and proper risk assement in place. Until mid of August, we reached more than 450 days without injuries/zero accident and the campaign still continue to drilling Sidayu-4V well from the open water. We hope this good safety performance will be maintained until the end of campaign and having a good result for future production.


Written by Eddy Wiedyartono 
HSE Specialist

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