PGN Saka Anticipates the Spread of Covid-19

PGN Saka Anticipates the Spread of Covid-19


PT Saka Energi Indonesia (PGN Saka) as an upstream oil and gas company, always prioritize employee’s safety. In accordance with the President directives regarding the spread of Covid-19 that has been declared as global pandemic and also circular letter from PGN and Pertamina, PGN Saka will significantly minimize face-to-face interaction between employees and external/public to anticipate the spread of Covid-19.


PGN Saka’s President Director decided that for employees who are not in direct working with operational activities in the field are urged to be able to work from home and for employees in the field are urged to be able to manage the time-schedule of standby team alternately. All activities related to external parties are expected to be carried out online. This decision is the Company’s top priority in maintaining the health and safety of all employees and families in facing this global pandemic.


PGN Saka will constantly coordinate with our stakeholders related to this decision. The Company’s operational activity will continue to run normally by prioritizing communication channels through email, telephone, teleconference, and video conference. This decision will remain valid until 30 March 2020. Future development and adjustment for this regard will follow to the government directives concerning COVID-19 spread in Indonesia.


PGN Saka will regularly monitor, review and provide any further information if there is an updated decision related to the anticipation of Covid-19 spread in PGN Saka’s working area.


Jakarta, 20 March 2020


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