PGN Saka Again Proves Its Commitment through Mangrove Planting

Saka Again Proves Its Commitment through Mangrove Planting


Saka Indonesia Pangkah Limited again proves its commitment in developing Ujungpangkah coastal area. Concern about Work Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) has become part of the company’s value. On November 24, 2016, PGN Saka together with the invitees and the local community (Tirta Buana Fishermen Group ) plant 10,000 mangrove trees in Banyuurip Village, Ujungpangkah District, Gresik Regency, this area is under Saka offshore operations area in.


When natural balance disturbed, non-environmental friendly actions occurred, the impact will be felt by human. Aware of this, PGN Saka participates and supports the development of this coastal region as a mangrove forest conservation area and potential eco-tourism. “PGN Saka is very concerned about environmental issues. Mangrove conservation effort initiated by the government should be also supported. We are proud of the breakthrough in mangrove nursery by the fishermen and reforestation of coastal areas in Ujungpangkah”, Said Tumbur Parlindungan, General Manager of Saka. PGN Saka continue to provide training so the fishermen understand about mangrove cultivation techniques, the management and how to market ecotourism. Fishermen who have strong commitment are invited to visit successful mangrove conservation; comparative studies to Wonorejo and training in Tuban Mangrove Centre.


Mangrove nursery is now able to provide more than 60.000 mangrove seedlings and 4.000 casuarina seedlings. The nursery also has the aspect of empowerment, where fishermen families now also got a new alternative source of income from selling mangrove seedlings. “Lots of mangrove and causarina equisetifolia (pine) seedlings purchased by customers who come from outside Banyuurip, for example, from Local Department of Marine and Bawean Fishermen Group. For causarina equisetifolia (pine) seedlings with height of 8 cm we sell at IDR 7,500/piece. As for mangrove seedlings we sell at IDR 1,000/piece, “said Chairman of Tirta Buana Fishermen Group, Abdul Mughni. “Three years ago, the conditions here are still barren. Alhamdulilah, thanks to the hard work of the fishermen here, as well as the support from various parties, these areas are now becoming mangrove forests,” He added.

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