PGN Saka Implements Real-Time Data Technology to Monitor Oil and Gas Production Activities

PT Saka Energi Indonesia (PGN Saka), an upstream oil and gas company and affiliate of PGN Subholding Gas Pertamina, has implemented technology to monitor and supervise oil and gas production activities in the Pangkah Working Area (WK) in East Java. This technology, known as Digital Twin, allows for visualization and real-time data collection through remote monitoring. It is a digital replica of PGN Saka’s oil and gas production facilities, facilitating the production process.


“This technology connects 3D models with other supporting data, such as engineering and maintenance data. It’s like having a comprehensive platform with 3D visualization that is connected to supporting data for our daily operations,” said Yudi Syahnur, Information Management Specialist at PGN Saka, during the IPA Convention & Exhibition 2024 at ICE BSD on May 15th.


Additionally, this year PGN Saka will focus on data integration by collecting various supporting data, including maintenance and engineering data. This data integration aims to enhance inter-departmental collaboration by identifying specific needs that involve multiple departments.


“The information is recorded and integrated into the Enterprise Resource Planning application and the Electronic Document Management System. This, of course, relies on a strong database behind these applications. The PGN Saka team, especially those in the field, have worked hard to gather all this data, which will be connected in a centralized database,” Yudi added.


The Digital Twin technology will add value to the company’s business processes, particularly in terms of work effectiveness and efficiency by minimizing potential reworks, improving HSSE performance, and reducing the frequency of non-urgent field visits.

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