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We’re focusing on access to quality education, both formal and informal

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Scholarships and Assistance for Poor Children

This program set out to improve access to education for children from underprivileged families. Activities included:

  • The provision of school fees to 64 kindergarten and elementary school children, including assistance for tuition, school uniforms and school supplies.
Rumah Pintar

The objective of this program is to develop community learning center. Currently, Rumah Pintar used by more than 50 children to learn and play, more than 30 women to learn related how to make food from seaweed,  20 fisherman to discuss how to cultivate seaweed and green sea shell in Penajam Paser Utara District.

Saka Mengajar

The program objective is build good relationship with community and deliver knowledge about oil and gas to children from elementary to junior high school level around the Company’s areas of operation. Activities included trained 29 teachers from 28 schools, provision of teaching materials and practical aids on oil and gas (flip charts, props)