PGN Saka is committed to engage in sustainable development together with the people & communities where we operate and ensuring that our presence has beneficial impacts.

PGN Saka Business Ethics

Saka committed to implementing Business Ethics and Work Ethics for all employees in accordance with the company's espoused values. All employees are required to sign the Integrity Pact and required to understand and implement the Business Ethics and Work Ethics in work.

Every report on alleged violation of Business Ethics and Work Ethics is taken seriously by the Ethics Committee who is responsible for enforcing business ethics and work ethics.

Health Safety Environment

HSE Management System

The HSE Management System is applicable to all activities carried out by SAKA. It is aimed to ensure that the activities are carried out with fully respecting occupational health, occupational and process safety, and environmental issues.

SAKA's HSE Management System ensures that the Company meets its obligation for an occupational health, safety and environmental protection. The system adopts the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act/Adjust) principles, in which HSE is assured by way of policy, planning, implementation and monitoring.

Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene

The objective of occupational health program is to get the optimum occupational health system in maximize the work productivity and optimize the health management system function at company comprehensively, by Identify health hazards in all areas for continuous improvement and sustains risk reduction. By implemeting occupational health program, it will be also able to improve the company’s  health visions and misions.  

The visions: To protect and to enhance the rights of workers, contractors, visitors and local community to a healthy workplace and environment.  

Missions: Provide reliable occupational health service designed to reduce work related injuries, illnesses and fatalities to raise productivity of all employees.

Process Safety

HSE Risk Management activities are regularly performed by identifying the potential hazards and assess the risks to personnel, asset, environment and the community associated with our activities through all phases.

From a major hazards viewpoint, a Safety Dossier is one of our approach to demonstrate that the operating asset has systematically identified and understood the nature of all hazards, provided safeguards and that the facilities are operating within their safe limits and risks are acceptable.

Environmental Protection & Management

SAKA is aware of importance of environmental protection and management, bearing in mind that company’s operations in oil and gas contain high risk potentials of impact in the environment. Thus SAKA is committed to the consistent application of environmental protection standards and practices contained in the Occupational Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection policy in all of its activities.
In particular, the commitment in environment is focused on the prevention of pollution, sustainable resources use, mitigation of climate change as well as protection of biodiversity and ecosystem.
SAKA conducts environmental monitoring periodically towards air quality, sea water quality, effluent quality, marine biota (planktons, benthos, and necton), mangrove vegetation and bird migration, sediment, socio-economic and health of the communitis around the company’s operational areas.


Public Health

The aim of the program of public health is to ensure that the company give positive contribution to the external community around the operations so there is no bad impact influencing to external community from company’s activity and vice versa. The program is also part of the AMDAL commitments which shall be complied by company.   

The programs of Public health for local community is to support health community by giving the health awareness, skill and knowledge sharing and also to improve living condition from community includes provision of water tanks, waste bin, clean water to household, and rising community awareness on hygiene and public health through provision of Water and Sanitation Program.

Economic Empowerment

The program objectives are:

To develop alternative productive local economic units and revitalizing management and development of networks for local economic productive.  

To improve of women's and youth entrepreneurial capacities and to initiate and develop sustainable livelihoods.  

The public facilities improvement program aims to contribute to the improvement of public infrastructure and facilities that can boost the socio-economic activities of the communities in the vicinity of Ujung Pangkah and Manyar Sub districts. 



We’re focusing on access to quality education, both formal and informal

Scholarships and Assistance

This program set out to improve access to education for children from underprivileged families. 

Rumah Pintar

The objective of this program is to develop community learning center. Rumah Pintar to learn and play, to learn about how to make food from seaweed, to discuss how to cultivate seaweed and green sea shell in Penajam Paser Utara District.

PGN Saka Mengajar

The program objective is build good relationship with community and deliver knowledge about oil and gas to children from elementary to junior high school level around the Company’s areas of operation. Activities included trained teachers, provision of teaching materials and practical aids on oil and gas (flip charts, props).



To recover Pangkah coastal through developing local tourism based on natural resources in the Ujungpangkah sub district. The program assists the coastal communities in the village of Pangkah Kulon, Pangkah Wetan, Ngimboh and Banyuurip to improve their economy conditions.

Kampung Berseri

To improve quality of the residential environment through increasing community participation in household waste management and developing the capacity of the community to take the initiative to realize Kampung Berseri (Beautiful Village).

Seaweed Farming Development Program

The program objective is to improve varieties of seaweed in Api-api village, located in Waru sub district, Penajam Paser Utara.