Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia Visit to Pangkah Working Area

PT Saka Energi Indonesia (PGN Saka), the upstream oil and gas subsidiary of PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) has made several potential reserves discoveries in Pangkah Block, offshore East Java

  • Sidayu-3 Discovery in 2015
    This well discovered oil in Ngimbang Carbonat (DST-1) and Kujung-I Layer (DST-3), also discovered gas in Kujung-III (DST-2). The results proved a greater opportunity for the presence of oil and gas in the Ngimbang Carbonat layer which extends from the Ronggolawe (RGL) Prospect in the northeast to the Tambakboyo Prospect in west Sidayu covering an area of around 10,000 hectares.
  • Sidayu-4 Discovery in 2016
    This exploration activity has been carried out to follow through the discovery of oil and gas in the exploration well Sidayu-3, and proved that the extention of oil and gas reservoir in Sidayu structure. The discovery in Sidayu-4 was the final exploration stage of Sidayu structure and PGN Saka has submitted the Plan Of Development (POD). Currently, the production of the Pangkah block comes from Ujungpangkah field. Sidayu will be the second field that will also utilize the same production facilities as what Ujungpangkah field has.
  • TKBY-2 Discovery in 2018
    TKBY-2 exploration successfully discovered oil in several layers. The Drill Stem Test (DST) result has proved the presence of oil in the Tuban, Kujung-1 and Ngimbang Carbonat layers that stretched from RGL Prospect in the northeast to the TKBY Prospect in the west. Collaboration between PGN Saka with its services technology has delivered this outstanding discovery through new technology downhole reservoir dynamic characterizations.
  • TKBY-3 Drilling Activity in 2019
    The exploration activity to drill TKBY-3 has been carried out to follow the discovery of potential reserves in the TKBY-2 exploration well. PGN Saka is now doing its commitment to drill the TKBY-3 exploration well.
Following successful exploration activity in Sidayu in early 2017, PGN Saka has sanctioned the first phase of the Sidayu field development in Pangkah PSC. The Sidayu POD will build two additional production platforms and a few development wells. Following Sidayu, PGN Saka has also obtained POD for West Pangkah field which is now in the middle of Final Investment Decision (FID) process. PGN Saka earmarked USD 200 million investment to develop Sidayu and West Pangkah field. Both fields are expected to commence in 2020 and improve production of Pangkah PSC. “These new development projects will support the country’s imminent need of increasing domestic gas supply,” said Management of PGN Saka. PGN Saka remains committed to carry out its exploration program in South Sesulu Block. Furthermore, PGN Saka is currently maturing prospect of its other exploration blocks: Wokam II, West Yamdena & Pekawai Block.

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