PGN Saka Received GREEN PROPER and BLUE PROPER Award 2022


Saka Indonesia Pangkah Limited (SIPL) and Saka Energi Muriah Limited (SEML) as subsidiaries of PGN Saka, affiliation of PGN Subholding Gas Pertamina, have been awarded the GREEN PROPER 2022 for SIPL and PROPER BLUE 2022 for SEML from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. PROPER is a Performance Rating Program in Environmental Management to increase the role and reputation of a company in environmental management. By implementing Safety Culture Program, SIPL continues to consistently comply with environmental regulations and permits as well as improve its performance by obtaining PROPER GREEN. Considering the history of SEML which only started production in February 2021 and participated in the PROPER evaluation, this achievement was again indeed a special occasion for SEML for its second year of production


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